About Purpur Capital

Purpur Capital is a global technology-focused proprietary trading firm headquartered in Shanghai. We trade across all major asset classes on over 20 global exchanges using our own capital and do not have customers or clients. Founded in 2015, the firm has grown through its strong entrepreneurial culture - creating a strong base of intellectual capital as well as building and integrating new tools and technology.

Our expertise in pricing multiple asset classes is complemented by a robust infrastructure to execute trades efficiently and our strength in managing risk. Purpur Capital excels at both the art - the fundamental analysis - and the science - the quantitative analysis - of trading. We push ourselves to excel, and judge our efforts on the innovation of our trading models, the speed and reliability of our systems, and the effectiveness of our collaborative culture. Some of the many ways we differentiate ourselves include:

·      Integrated trading strategy rooted in collaboration across a variety of disciplines

·      Culture of risk management

·      Focus on long term stability, building enterprise value

·      Technology leader with state of the art infrastructure

Purpur Capital continues to respond to opportunities in the marketplace. Through our success in multiple equity and derivative markets, continued focus on risk management, and the constant evolution of our technology capabilities, we continue to create more opportunities for our people and business partners than ever before.